Hear us roar!

A little bit about us, our hopes for the Wild Woman Box, and why we're here!


As a mother of two, an avid hiker, new cyclist, archer enthusiast, adventurer, comedy writer and now entrepreneur...I was looking for a monthly subscription box that would suit all of the different sides of me. Not finding that just right box, inspired me to start Wild Woman. 

>>But what is a Wild Woman, you might be wondering<<

A Wild Woman isn't just someone who pees in the bushes off of hiking trails and shouts from mountain tops, though I assure you those are both extremely liberating! Being a wild woman is about our versatility and the ever changing roles we play in life. A Wild Woman is the woman who seeks freedom, who achieves balance, who dreams. The mother, the career person, the athlete, the explorer. The woman who seeks out fresh air and opportunities to feel small among magnificence, natural or created. YOU! You who just changed that diaper on top of an airplane toilet, you who just landed that job, you who summited a mountain, you who managed to keep your shit together during a really tough day. 

>>Anyway, back to how this all got started<<

I decided to create a box that embodies the different roles I (and many of the women I know) play in life. My hope is that your monthly delivery will inspire and encourage you to let go and be a bit free. To find that balance that is SO difficult when we are in the midst of life's beautiful chaos. And to remember that you've got to take care of yourself and make your well being and happiness a priority! Your Wild Woman Box can't force you to get more sleep at night, or meditate when you wake up, or take that risk that, deep down, excites you, but it can be a reminder, and an aid in nurturing your spirit.

I believe with all of my heart, that the more we acknowledge our wild side, the more it will show up in life. And the more that we accept it, the more it  will push us to grow and experience life in all of it's raw and untamed glory.  

Letting go can be scary, but a good friend recently told me, "Don't ever get down on yourself for feeling. Because of this, you can live more fully." And isn't that the truth?! Give yourself permission to touch life. Free yourself, fuel yourself, love yourself. Be wild. 

>>This is a journey, and I want to share it with you!<<