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Products / Soothin’ Vibes Refreshing Body Serum with Cica- Lightweight, Non-Sticky Cream

Soothin’ Vibes Refreshing Body Serum with Cica- Lightweight, Non-Sticky Cream


Product Description

✨ IMPROVE SKIN TONE AND SOFTEN TEXTURE with this lightweight, creamy serum to help with body acne, redness, and uneven skin tone. Packed with soothing Hyaluronic Acid and Cica, this skin care product will balance sebum production while keeping skin hydrated and calm. Sinks in fast without the sticky feeling! 💖 HYDRATING and CALMING INGREDIENT, CICA to minimize redness and soothe irritated skin. Also includes 7 different types of Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier by keeping it hydrated and nourished. ✔ BENEFITS: HYDRATING, BALANCING, CALMING. This body serum is great for those who deal with rough patches, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and even Keratosis Pilaris. It keeps skin hydrated and nourishes the skin right after showering so your skin stays calm and soft 👌 NON-DRYING and NO FRAGRANCE: Great for those with sensitive skin looking for an after shower, body treatment that can help with body acne while keeping skin calm and hydrated 💧 LIGHTWEIGHT, WATERY CREAM that spreads and absorbs into the skin fast! Contains no scent, no fragrance, no essential oils. Great for layering under a body lotion/cream or as is. Best to use right after showering, on damp skin. 💕 CRUELTY-FREE, TESTED AND LOVED - Our products are not tested on animals. Products are made in Korea.👌 products are carefully tested and researched by our team. We make sure we love the formula before we share it with our customers. All products are forumulated with quality ingredients and does not contain any harsh ingredients