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Pot Gripper and Fuel Canister Recycle Tool


Product Description

Are you equipped for your camp kitchen? The Handled™ isn't just a pot gripper; it's also a fuel canister recycling tool. Our survey found that 66% of over 1,000 outdoor enthusiasts were unclear on how to properly dispose of fuel canisters. Enter the Handled™: a lightweight, secure way to manage hot pots and recycle canisters. Crafted from hard-anodized aluminum with heat-resistant silicone tabs, this tool ensures a comfortable and secure grip without scratching your cookware. It includes a tool for safely releasing gases and puncturing EN417 isobutane/propane canisters, readying them for proper recycling. At just 2.2 oz and capable of lifting up to 10 lbs, the Handled™ works with most standard camp cookware. Upgrade your camping experience—protect your hands and the environment with Handled™